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High Speed Internet

INTERNET SERVICES – Fibre-backed Cable, FTTN (fibre to the node), DSL and even business Cable and dedicated fibre – we do it all. With speeds from 5 to 1000mbps, no caps, no limits and no contracts, we offer you peace of mind. We use the fibre network from large telecom companies in Ontario, so our reach is vast, but our customer service still has a small-town feel. So, find out why our customers stick with us for decades, despite lack of contracts and small print. Learn more about all our different Internet service types and features…

Home Phone

PHONE – Our home phone lines are incredible. Everyone offers phone lines these days, but not many will give you ALL the fantastic features, unlimited calling and necessary hardware. Of course, we include essential functions – Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forward and Voicemail. But we also have advanced features such as Voicemail-to-Email, Fax-to-Email, Transcription, Call Blocking and more. And that is not all. You can use our free TripleT VoIP app on your iOS or Android device to receive and make calls even when you are away from home. Learn more about our home phone line services…

Satellite TV

TV – When it comes to TV services, we offer the best of both worlds. Our partnership with Shaw Direct allows you to watch live TV, sports events, pay-per-view, video-on-demand and hundreds of local, national and international channels in your home. Then, with the free BlueCurve app, you can also watch many of your channels on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone – anywhere in Canada. You can also add The Crave subscription for even more watching options – both on your TV set and mobile devices. Learn more about our TV plans and options…

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Why us?

We are well aware that you have many choices for your Internet, phone and TV services, some even cheaper. So, our focus is to provide a perfect balance –fantastic customer service, no short-term deals that end up costing you more within weeks, and excellent all-inclusive services.
– our pricing always includes necessary hardware (modem for internet services, the gateway for phone accounts).
CLEAR PRICING – we don’t use the pricing tricks with a fixed discount off ever-increasing regular rates. We hate the small print as much as you do!
NO CONTRACT – you can cancel your services with zero notice – return our hardware, and you are done. Any amounts you prepaid will be refunded in full.
ALWAYS UNLIMITED – don’t worry about usage and speed caps.

Don't take our word for it!


“We’ve been with KELCOM for 25 years now. They’ve always provided unbelievable customer service.”


“Best customer service I have ever received, from any company!”


“Best service I have seen in the last 30+ years of my dealing with service providers.”

How do I pick the right service?

If you are looking to save money, picking the right Internet service is vital. Here are some most common activities with their average bandwidth requirements:

  • Phone Calls = 0.1 mbps
  • Email = 1 mbps or less
  • Browsing = 1-2 mbps
  • Video Chats = 1-4 mbps
  • Streaming SD = 3 mbps
  • Streaming HD = 5mbps
  • Streaming 4k and Ultra HD = 25 mbps
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Users: 1-2
Streams: 1-2 SD
Devices: 4-5
Browsing: Light

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Users: 2-5
Streams: 3-4 HD
Devices: 5-15
Browsing: Average

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Users: 5+
Streams: 4+ HD
Devices: 15+
Browsing: Heavy

Slow Internet? It is probably your WiFi router that is slowing you down!

Do you have a fast Internet connection, yet it still seems slow? Most likely, you have a WiFi issue. While most WiFi devices advertise their maximum throughput speed, the reality is something much, much different. WiFi speed is affected by environmental factors, the number of connected devices, interference from other WiFi networks and more.

Learn more about how to pick the best WiFi solution for your home and office.

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Get your services for free!

If you are happy with your Internet and phone services, tell your family and friends. Each person who signs up and mentions your name will receive $50 credit to their account. And you will also receive a $50 credit to your account. It’s a win-win-win situation.

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Working from home?

Is your home also your office? Then check out the incredible number of options we have for you. We offer business-level Internet service, business phone lines in your home, virtual business phone lines and PBX, advanced WiFi options, toll-free numbers and more.

Ask about corporate and group discounts!

Do you have employees or coworkers working from their homes? If so, ask us about group discounts. Also, if you have business Internet services with us, your company employees and owners qualify for special discounts on residential and home office services. Contact our corporate sales team today.

If you are looking for business internet, corporate phone lines, cloud PBX services, digital marketing, web hosting and email services – we can handle it all. Our services come with no contracts. They are always unlimited and all-inclusive and provided with on-site installation and support. Learn more.

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About Us

Our company traces its history to 1969. At the time, KELCOM’s primary business was repairing the radio equipment for the shipping industry. A good technician would board the ship in the Detroit River and then take a taxi home from Sarnia after the radio gets fixed. If the issue was more complex, the tech might end up in Chicago or Toronto. 

Our Internet Division (RevolutionIP) started in 1995, with a few dial-up modems connected to the copper phone lines. The most common technical support question in those days was – “If I send the email to (name your own country or a city), will I have to pay long-distance fees on my phone?”. 

We have come a long way from those days. We were the first local ISP in Windsor to offer high-speed Internet (DSL) and digital phone services (VoIP). Our approach is simple – happy employees, happy customers. We pride ourselves that 99% of our services are always unlimited and have never used the contracts to keep customers. In return, our customers have given us their loyalty and trust – and that is the secret of our success. 

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