Copyright Act

Third party copyright notices

Effective January 2nd 2015, under Canada’s Copyright Act, we are compelled to forward Copyright Notice emails to our customers. Copyright Notices are emails sent to us by Copyright Holders that allege that the customer in question has illegally downloaded a copyrighted media item. 

Further, we are compelled to save the related information for 6 months from the date of the notice.


KELCOM – RevolutionIP is committed to respecting our customer’s privacy. We are blind-forwarding Copyright Notices without alterations. This is a one-way forward, and we are NOT revealing your name or contact information to the Copyright Holders.

Only way for the Copyright Holder to find out our customer contact information and proof of activity would be by obtaining a court order.


If you receive a Copyright Notice, you will find some of the following information:

– Alleged infringement
– Material in question
– The claimant name, address and contact information
– Electronic address (IP) date and time of alleged activity
– Name of our backbone/IP address provider


If you are concerned, you can learn more by visiting some of the links below. You may also want to seek legal advice from your legal representative.


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