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With the increased number of cellular phones and tablets, home phone lines are slowly becoming obsolete. These days even alarm systems use cellular networks to connect to the monitoring service making home phones less and less necessary.

However, you may need a home phone number if you don’t want to receive calls to your cellular phone because it is used for business or provided to you by your company. Others need a home phone to handle calls for the kids or from the extended family. Lastly, you may be asked to provide a phone number when ordering services or products or as a way to be reached by the businesses and the organizations. In all those instances, keeping your home phone line is a necessity.

For these situations, we have created new home phone plans for our customers:

Mobile Unlimited US & Canada Home Line – $17.95

This service is ideal for snowbirds and those who still use their home line for more than 500 minutes per month. You install the app on all your family mobile phones and tablets, and you can make and take unlimited calls from anywhere – as long as you have Internet access or a data plan on your phone. Our lines include incredible features – voicemail, voicemail to email, caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, call blocking – so you can set up your phone line to fit your needs.

Mobile Pay-As-You-Go Home Line – $4.95
The first 200 minutes of US & Canada calling are included in this incredible price. Additional incoming and outgoing calls are billed at 2 cents per minute (so, $2 buys 100 extra minutes of calling). Again, you can install the app on all your mobile devices (including kids’ tablets, for example) and share this phone line with your family. And with all features included, you can block unwanted calls, manage how calls are handled and much more. 
Visit our web page at or call us at 877-901-VOIP to get more information and sign up
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