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How one business impacted by the Covid pandemic refused to give up and even went the other way - helping others cope.

Thank you, Manchu Wok! The covid-19 pandemic impacted most businesses, but perhaps none more than the restaurant industry. Local takeout restaurant, Manchu Wok, located in Devonshire Mall in Windsor, refused to give up and instead decided to help others cope. From the start of the pandemic, I have decided to support local restaurants by ordering takeout and delivery as often as I could. Most Tuesdays, I would place the lunch order from Manchu Wok.The first order arrived with a message of encouragement on the outside (“Stay strong!“) and a lovely note inside: “Hi Dejan, welcome back. Thank you for your order. Be happy! Stay positive! It made my day – it was so cheerful and unexpected, especially from the restaurant that was busy preparing lunch for so many people.I thought that was a one-time thing as they just reopened after the first Covid-19 closure. But, notes kept coming with every order— different messages of encouragement, origami pieces, lovely decorations.Now, a year later, I have dozens of these notes and origami pieces, and to this day, every new message makes my day and brings a bit more sunshine to the long dreary days of Covid.Thank you, Manchu Wok team – you are truly incredible. You are an example to the rest of us to keep our chin up and keep marching forward. I cannot wait to see you all soon and thank you in person.

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